Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Knowledge. To assist you in making the right decision for your company, we have designed various tests for Public Accounting Firms and Accounting/Finance Departments that would be helpful in testing prospective employees' bookkeeping, accounting and tax skills.


Tax Preparer-Individual Test
Tax Preparer-Business Test
Accounts Rec/Pay Clerk Test
Basic Accounting Test
Office Manager-CPA Firm Test
Bookkeeping Test
Staff Accountant Test
Payroll Clerk Test
QuickBooks Basic Skills Test
Financial Auditor Test

Tax Preparer-Individual Test $45
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  • 40 Question Tax Preparer-Individual Test
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Sample Questions
1.When is a self-employed individual required to file a federal income tax return?
a. $400 or more in net self-employment earnings b. $1,000 or more in net self-employment earnings c. Not required to file

2. Jack & Mary were married for 55 years. Jack died during the year. Mary is considered _________ for the whole year for filing status purposes.
a. Single b. Head of Household c. Married

3. Barry is 18 years old and lives with his parents. He goes to school full time and works part time. He qualifies as his parents dependent and claimed on their 2005 tax return. He can take an exemption for himself when filing his 2005 tax return.
a. True b. False
Tax Preparer-Business Test $50
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  • 40 Question Tax Preparer-Business Test
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Sample Questions
1.The cost of inventory must be reduced by any trade discounts received
a. True b. False

2.S corporation elections are made for periods of ten years, which may be renewed.
a. True b. False

3. Amusing, Inc. was dissolved on August 18, 2008. What is the due date for the filing of the final corporate income tax return?
a. March 15, 2009 b. December 31, 2008 c. November 15, 2008
Bookkeeping Test $35
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  • 75 Question Bookkeeping Test
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Sample Questions
1. A Net Worth Statement is similar to what?
a. A Profit & Loss Statement b. A Chart of Accounts c. A Balance Sheet

2. What happens to the common stock of a failed corporation?
a. It is sold b. It becomes worthless c. It is redeemed

3. What is an example of an intangible asset?
a. Land b. Equipment c. Goodwill
Staff Accountant Test $50
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  • 50 Question Staff Accountant Test
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Sample Questions
1.An extension gives you six extra months to pay your tax liability.
a. True b. False

2. What type of business cannot be an LLC?
a. Banks b. Retail Stores c. Law Firms

3. Alimony received from your ex-spouse is never taxable.
a. True b. False
Payroll Clerk Test $30
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  • 50 Question Payroll Clerk Test
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Sample Questions
1. What is the federal minimum wage?
a. $5.85 per hour b. $5.15 per hour c. $2.50 per hour

2. Gross wages are posted to what type of account in the General Ledger?
a. Assets b. Expense c. Liability

3. What is the form number for Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return?
a. 941 b. 940 c. 942
Accounts Rec/Pay Clerk Test $30
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  • 50 Question Accounts Rec/Pay Clerk Test
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Sample Questions
1. What is a vendor?
a. Seller b. Buyer c. Motivator

2. Invoices from vendors are posted to __________ and an expense account
a. Accounts Payable b. Accounts Receivable c. Fixed Assets

3. What account is a cash sale posted to?
a. Accounts Receivable b. Sales c. Discount
Basic Accounting Test $18
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  • 15 Question Basic Accounting Test
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QuickBooks Basic Skills Test $30
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  • 30 Question QuickBooks Basic Skills Test
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Sample Questions
1. The process of making your checking account record match your bank record is called:
a. Collections b. Reconciling c. Recording Transactions d. Paying Bills

2. If your using Accounts Payable to track and pay bills, for bills that have been entered, you should write check from:
a. Pay Bills Window b. Write Checks Window c. Check Register d. Chart of Accounts

3. Which of the following would likely be considered a current liability?
a. Sales Tax Payable b. Mortgage Payable c. Building d. Office Expense
Office Manager-CPA Firm Test $30
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  • 25 Question Office Manager-CPA Firm Test
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Sample Questions
1. The Office Manager does not need a monthly or annual budget for spending on office supplies.
a. True b. False

2. A unique number assigned to a client for tracking and reporting client specific data in a CPA firm is called a:
a. CPA Number b. Tax Number c. Client Number
Financial Auditor Test $75
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  • 35 Question Financial Auditor Test
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Sample Questions
1. A(n) ___________ opinion report is issued when the auditor determines that the financial statements of an auditee are materially misstated and, when considered as a whole, do not conform with GAAP.
a. Unmodified b. Unqualified c. Adverse d. Disclaimer

2. What type of report can a CPA issue when he or she is not independent?
a. Audit Report b. Review Report c. Compilation Report d. Accountants’ Report

3. Which of the following are not attest services?
a. Review b. Audit c. Bookkeeping d. Agreed-upon procedures